Friday, May 18, 2007

Game 3: Blues-3, AARRGHH-2, Other Dude-2

The Blues played sharp ball yesterday and carried over their excellent defense from the end of Game 2 to allow AARRGGHH only 3 runs through seven innings. However a game winning run in the bottom of the eighth inning gave our new rival team the victory. It would only be a moral victory though, since they admittedly cheated which gave the Blues their first official win of the season.

Facing a forfeit due to lack of players before the game started, AARRGGHHH despicably grabbed a player from another field to fill out their mandatory 8 player roster. Their ringer ended up scoring half of their runs and ultimately won them the game. Afterwards, they acknowledged the foul and the technical loss.

The Blues had plenty to cheer about and even though their bats still haven’t heated up, their gloves have been red hot. Kate Brown played a stellar first base and earned this season’s first game ball. She was involved in one of the top plays of the game when Eric Stannard made a great stop on the line at third and threw a one hop rocket to first base which was scooped up by Kate. Eric “Ice Man” Stannard stayed cool in the tense bottom of the seventh and made another great play that would keep the game alive. With a tied score, two outs, and a runner on first and third, he got the 5-4 (third base to second base) force out to keep the game winning run from scoring.

The team headed to Jake’s Dilemma after the game to recap the tense action and come up with nicknames and at-bat songs for the players. Notable creations were Robert “the Rocket” Repino and Ben Keene’s new theme song, “Peaches” by the President of the United States of America.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Game 2

Well, another game is in the books and although the final result was a 16-0 loss, the Blues kept their spirits high. This was due in part to an outstanding defensive performance in the last half of the game to hold SG Bank to 1 run in the last three innings. There were great catches in the outfield by Natanya and Glenn, solid fielding and throwing by the infield, and even an outfield assist from Andy “don’t-you-dare-tag-up-from-second-on-me” Fargnoli. Also helping to ease the loss was a generous gift from the umpire who allowed us to play all seven innings and gave us an extra out at the end so that we could get more batters in. We only have a couple of pics from yesterday and since there was no team photographer at the game they were both taken at the bar.

While at the bar, the topic of cinema came up and the team debated and then determined that Tim Buton directed a better Batman film than Chris Nolan, although Christian Bale played a better Batman than Michael Keaton. I found out that apparently I’m the only person who’s ever seen the movie Money Talks. We all learned that Martin has an unabashed man-crush on Michael Caine.

Our next game is Thursday at 7pm on the North Meadow in lovely Central Park. We’ll be playing “AAARRGGGHH!!!” who we faced off against last year and should be much closer to our level of competition than the last two teams.

Here's one last tip: running full speed, coming to a complete stop, catching the ball in an embarassingly awkard fashion, and then rolling on the asphalt is not recommended. If you are confused please see Dan Ozzi for a vivid reinactment.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Game 1

The first game of the season is in the books and although we didn’t win (mercy ruled 15-2) there sure were a lot of us there! A record setting 27 players came out to the park. I think our opponent, Coach, either brought in some ringers or hit the weight room hard since last season. They didn’t look like the team we beat 8-7 last year. Highlights of the game include Joe C’s giant hit to right field which brought in our only two runs of the game and a 4th inning mini-rally by our second wave of players that got the Blues dugout roaring.

Afterwards, we moseyed on down to the Bull Moose Saloon and dominated their upstairs seating area. A good time was had by all. Especially those who stuck around for the 25 cent buffalo wings. Outstanding!

Check out Jared’s awesome camera skills and be sure to click on each picture instead of watching the slideshow so that you can read the captions.

Next game: Thursday, May 10th