Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blues: 17, Debevoise & Plimpton: 5

Back to back wins. As feelings go, it's a nice one to have, especially because it doesn't get old quickly. But the Blues, facing off against an old rival, did just that on a recent Wednesday in Morningside Park. In fact, after scoring eleven runs in the first inning, the team from Oxford continued to add to their lead until the umpire called the game early in their favor.

On the defensive side, Ebin made his inaugural appearance of the 2010 season by playing first base like Eddie Murray, while David managed to turn a double play at shortstop. Meanwhile, in the outfield, Elyse, Taylor, Ozzi, Brian, and Andy held big hitters to singles, when they got on base at all. It was a great effort from the whole dugout in spite of bad playing conditions.

As for the offense, it's worth noting that the plucky Blues ended up with one of the highest scoring innings in their relatively short history. Quite an accomplishment given the fact that their opponents have not been reluctant to pile on runs in the past. Taylor ultimately delivered the game-winning RBI—a hit heard round the league. The Blues did learn a valuable lesson that night, however: you can in fact wait too long for your pitch.

After the game most of the team headed to the Village Pourhouse (Uptown) for beer, food, and an enormous fishbowl full of rum. A few people even stuck around to take advantage of the $3 Natty Light can special. It was just like the good old days, only better. Rae kindly documented most of the proceedings, but be warned: some of the images are NSFW.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blues: 18, Rats: 9

It was bound to happen. After years of battling for respect from the bottom of the league, the Blues won another season opener—the second in franchise history—last Friday night. Playing on the road at a ballpark that hasn't been kind to them in the past, the team came out swinging and never looked back.

Rain threatened to cancel the game initially and the umpire was late to the field, but the Blues wore determined expressions in their dugout, and batted and fielded with resolve under the lights at DeWitt Clinton. With Robert as the leadoff hitter, Oxford brought in five runs in the first inning, five more in the third, and added six runs for good measure in the sixth. Ozzi, Joe C, and rookie David each swatted home runs past the NPG defense.

And the Blues looked good in the field, too, keeping the Rats from scoring more than three runs during any of their at-bats. Newcomer Taylor pulled down a few great catches in right field, Andy continued to play like an MVP in left, and Michelle made an impressive tag at second to stymie a double. NPG also learned an important lesson before the umpire called the game in favor of the visiting team: Nobody takes an extra base on The Gator.

Fittingly, all 14 athletes as well as three devoted fans wandered down to the Bull Moose to celebrate their victory and await the arrival of a missing coach. They arrived too late to order the burger special, but the Blues made the most of the evening anyway, inventing a new drink in honor of their pitcher. Will 2010 bring further success to the Madison Avenue Marauders?

Friday, April 16, 2010

And So It Begins

It arrived without warning or fanfare. The annual trip to the Madison Square Garden of Queens was still fresh in their muscle memory. Talk of spending another night at Sunswick circulated online. The cleats at the bottom of my bag still had last year's mud on them. Practice would come soon enough.

But spring training is a luxury.
Division III Co-Ed Softball doesn't wait for teams to be ready. Division III Co-Ed Softball tells you where to be, and when. Tonight the 2010 season begins for the Oxford Blues, about a week earlier than opening day 2009. And although they lost a few strong players in the off-season, several promising rookies have since joined the roster.

Adjustments have been made to the lineup, strategies have been discussed, and the rules have been reviewed. Now is the time for action. So, with the swine flu scare safely (temporarily?) behind us, and the first game but a few hours away, I will end with a phrase that should be music to the ears of any True Blue: Bring on the beer pong. Check out the schedule below for the first few games. Oh, and don't forget to stock up on Big League Chew.

Oxford Blues @ NPG Rats 16 Apr 2010 (Fri) / 07:00 PM Dewitt Clinton Park - #1
Oxford Blues @ Debevoise & Plimpton LLP 21 Apr 2010 (Wed) / 05:30 PM Morningside Park - #1-Softball
Oxford Blues @ ING Clarion Lions 30 Apr 2010 (Fri) / 07:00 PM Great Lawn - #7