Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 Schedule

Here is our remaining schedule for the season:

Oxford Blues @ EBG Bees
30 Apr 2008 (Wed) / 05:30 PM North Meadow - #8

Translate This! @ Oxford Blues
12 May 2008 (Mon) / 06:45 PM Peter's Field - #1

CSTV Slammers @ Oxford Blues
20 May 2008 (Tue) / 07:00 PM Great Lawn - #4

IAC/Diller's Killers @ Oxford Blues
30 May 2008 (Fri) / 05:30 PM Great Lawn - #2

Coach @ Oxford Blues
05 Jun 2008 (Thu) / 06:00 PM Dewitt Clinton Park - #3

IBI Swingers @ Oxford Blues
12 Jun 2008 (Thu) / 06:00 PM Dewitt Clinton Park - #2

SG Bank @ Oxford Blues
18 Jun 2008 (Wed) / 05:30 PM North Meadow - #8

Oxford Blues @ Scripps
23 Jun 2008 (Mon) / 07:00 PM North Meadow - #8

Oxford Blues @ Pirates
02 Jul 2008 (Wed) / 05:30 PM North Meadow - #7

Oxford Blues @ Telerep
10 Jul 2008 (Thu) / 05:30 PM North Meadow - #7

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oxford Blues: 7, Richmond Events: 18

The Blues started off hot yesterday with a five run first inning but once Richmond Events removed their erratic pitcher, they settled down and quieted the Blues bats. It was an odd game and lot of the team seemed a little bit off their game.

Even though we didn't get "mercy ruled" the game was still ended by the umpire after the fifth inning due to another game scheduled on our field just an hour after ours began. We all agreed that our comeback was inevitable if we only had a couple more innings.
We chalked the performance up to early season jitters and went down to 81st street for the pitchers and beer special at McAleer's. Since it was a Monday game, we didn't stay too late but a couple games on McAleer's new Buckhunter game did ensue.

The season schedule isn't official yet (even though we're in the second week!) but it looks our next game will be Wednesday, April 30th at 5:30pm against EBG Bees.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blues 10, Debevoise & Plimpton 26

The Blues' bats were alive last night but unfortunately so were D&P's. The high scoring affair bared much resemblance to last year's game with the law firm. However, last year's rally inning was topped by an even more spectacular performance on Tuesday night.

After falling behind 16 to 0 after the first to innings, the Blues put together their greatest single inning rally in team history. It all started with 2 outs and no base runners. The next 12 batters (Kyle, Joe C, Kate, Ben, Martin, Joe J, Elyse, Tanya, Robert, Andy, Kyle, Joe C) all got on base to bring in 10 runs and close the lead. Hard base running was the key and it turned many would be outs into ball bobbling errors. Click on the photo above to view Jared's awesome photos and captions.

Alas, the opposing team eventually pounded out another 10 runs and the game was cut short after the fifth inning due to the 'mercy rule'. The hitting was great though and it was a fun way to start the season. There were definitely some kinks in our defense but we're all up to speed now for Monday's game against Richmond Events. They are a new team in our league so no scouting report this week.

The post game libations took place at the Blues' home away from home, The Bull Moose Saloon. After last year's D&P game, the infamous Jingle Jugs made their debut on the wall behind the bar. Coincidentally, there was a different pair on display last night that drew responses from the male and female players alike.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Blues are Ready for Action

Our last practice of the preseason took place last night in the East Meadow of Central Park. The
temperature hit the mid 70s and we had a great turnout. Everyone seemed to have spring fever and we were eager to get in some BP (batting practice).
After practice, we caught the 6 train down to "The Back Page." It was nice to be in Manhattan again and be able to patronize a true sports bar. They were able to squeeze us into a long table at the back and although the service was a little slow, the cold beer and buffalo wings were delicious.
Our opening game will be this Tuesday, 6pm at Dewitt Clinton Park. We hope to see you all there. For directions click here.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Astoria Part II

We were back at the cages last night for practice which this time included a little fielding. They gave us one cage which had the ball machine pointed at the ground so that we could field ground balls. It wasn't the same as being outdoors but it was nice to at least use our gloves and warm up our throwing arms.

We had much more time in the batting cages since it was reserved for an hour and a half, and we weren't late. Some players even tweaked their swing by using new grips.

Many of last weeks rookies were back, which is a good sign, as well as a few more new faces. Martin Coleman made an early bid for the Most Improved Player award with tenacious hitting and fielding.

Later on we decided it would be fun, in an ironic sort of way, to have some drinks at Applebee's. The food was good and the birthday song that they sang five times was interesting, but it turned out that they didn't serve pitchers of beer and for that I cannot forgive them.