Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oxford Blues: 4, EBG: 13

That's a huge dude! The Oxford Blues ran into another law firm this season that apparently staffs ex-major league ball players. Even though the Blues fell to the EBG Bees, Ken and Rob did a great job of limiting their high powered offense to only 13 runs over 7 innings. Ken also had a good game at the plate with a solo homer to left field. That shot came right after Kyle "Crazy Legs" Taylor scored an error-laden inside the park home run by disregarding all fundamental base running rules. The defensive play of the game was made by outfielder Elyse Turr who made a spectacular catch while back peddaling in right field to track down a fly ball. The Blues are now 3-8 heading into their final game Thursday night against the Pirates (2-8).

Friday, July 27, 2007

A few more photos from Tuesday


Enjoy my absolutely stellar point-and-shooting from the Translate This game at Dewitt-Clinton.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oxford Blues: 6, Translate This: 18

The story from last night's game is pretty much the same as it has been for the last few games. The Blues posted a few great catches (Ben's snag in right field), great defensive plays (Martin's back-to-back assists at second base), and some great hits but in the end our opponent apparently scored more runs than we did. The magic from last week's hitting streaks was not in the air last night but it was still a fun game and we ended up playing a full seven innings even though the mercy rule officially ended our game in the bottom of the fifth. I only have a few pics so I'll just post them all below. Remember to click the photos for full-sized action.

Dan brought a super-secret sugary weapon to the game last night. In this photo he can be seen chokeing on a huge pinch of that weapon (BLC a.k.a. Big League Chew) while Martin, the grizzled old-school traditionalist who despises performance enhancing supplements, turns away in disgust.

Joe C. mentally prepares for the game in silence. That is all.

Matt Greene was released from the fake hospital yesterday afternoon just in time for the Blues game. The team welcome him back with make-believe warm wishes, which forced Matt to take a moment and reflect on his pretend illness.

This is the only in-game photo that I have but I think it's fair to say that I managed to pack the excitement of at least 9 photos into this one shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you . . . the jingle jugs.

After the game, the team headed to the tried and true Bull Moose Saloon for libations. There was another encounter with the Norwegian pool shark but things stayed cool. As we sat there drinking, telling funny stories, and listening to great music on the jukebox it brought back some fond memories. Particularly the memories of one spectacular summer years ago. I believe it was the summer of '69.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oxford Blues: A lot, Debevoise & Plimpton: A lot more

The Oxford Blues lost last night to Devilnoise & Pimpleton (28-14), bringing their season record to 3-6. However, even though the Blues gave up the most runs since their second game of last season, it was one of the most glorious losses in Blues history, and that's saying something.

D&P came ready to hit and pounded the ball all over the field. Undeterred, the Blues got their bats going right out of the gate with a two run homer by the red hot Dan Ozzi in the bottom of the first. In the fourth inning everyone got in their groove and put the ball in play while hustling down the first base line. The effort resulted in a scrappy two-out rally which scored more runs and loaded the bases for Ozzi. Hitting instructor and right-center fielder Ben Keene, who had a magnificent shoestring catch earlier in the inning, pulled Dan aside and wisely told him to "hit a grand slam". Dan obeyed and sent a rocket out to left field clearing the bases.

In the fifth and final inning Andy Fargnoli, with disregard for his own personal safety, made a tough catch in foul territory while colliding with the chain link fence in left field. While the dugout collectively gasped, he jogged away unscathed and smiling as usual. The bottom of the fifth produced another rally for the Blues offense. Credit once again goes to everyone who hustled out their hits. Kate Brown had an especially great night at the plate going 3 for 3 which kept many innings alive.

Unfortunately we did not have a photographer on hand so the above picture is from our archives (a.k.a. Jared's flickr page). It's from the first game of the season which was also under the lights at Dewitt Clinton.

Highlights from the post game festivities at the Bull Moose Saloon include meeting a stubborn-loner-Norwegian-pool-fanatic and of course the set of jingle jugs that were on display behind the bar.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Diller's Killers 13, Oxford Blues 1

The long week seemed to take it's toll on the Blues as they lost on Friday 13-1 to IAC/Diller's Killers. The generous strike zone by our least favorite umpire also did the Blues no favors. However, there will already be a chance to avenge that loss tomorrow at Dewitt Clinton Park, field #2 (7:30pm).

Some promosing notes from Friday's game were the Joe C. to Matt Greene to Kate Brown double play (5-4-3) and Dan Ozzi's second home run in as many games. It's great plays like those that keep the scrappy Blues coming back for more. See you tomorrow night!