Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sharks: 8, Blues: 15

How does one top a season like last year's 7-5 record? Now I know what you're thinking: With an 8-4 record. Well, smart guy, we're in publishing and we're not "good with numbers" and we "lack basic math skills". But one thing you don't need your fancy quadratic equation for is this: The Blues will lead the league in wins this year. Period. And they started that quest off right in Wednesday night's win against the Sharks.

Traveling to the unfamiliar territory of Harlem River Park, the Blues took the field as the lights came on. It took an inning or two to get back into the swing of things, but luckily (game ball recipient) Dave D'Addona hadn't lost a step and came through with the Blues' first hit of the season and made the first several outs on the field. Many attribute to this to his pre-season meal plan. But the Blues soon caught up, slugging their way to double digit runs off some speedy running by Coach Repino, the season's first homer by Taylor Pilkington (who also scored a soccer goal in right field), and smart baserunning all around.

After five straight innings of tight D by the Blues, Ninell caught the last out behind the plate. At which point, the Blues had technically mercied the Sharks, 15-3. But being the gracious competitors they are (plus it takes forever to get to Harlem), the Blues decided to finish the game out and spot the Sharks a few dignity runs. Final score: Sharks: 8, Blues 15, the first win for the new coaches, Ozzi and Repino.

Afterwards, the Blues promptly got the hell out of Harlem and headed to Gael Pub and with Ben Keene all the way in Asia, were allowed to leave at their own leisure.