Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oxford Blues: 4, EBG: 13

That's a huge dude! The Oxford Blues ran into another law firm this season that apparently staffs ex-major league ball players. Even though the Blues fell to the EBG Bees, Ken and Rob did a great job of limiting their high powered offense to only 13 runs over 7 innings. Ken also had a good game at the plate with a solo homer to left field. That shot came right after Kyle "Crazy Legs" Taylor scored an error-laden inside the park home run by disregarding all fundamental base running rules. The defensive play of the game was made by outfielder Elyse Turr who made a spectacular catch while back peddaling in right field to track down a fly ball. The Blues are now 3-8 heading into their final game Thursday night against the Pirates (2-8).

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