Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oxford Blues: 7, Richmond Events: 18

The Blues started off hot yesterday with a five run first inning but once Richmond Events removed their erratic pitcher, they settled down and quieted the Blues bats. It was an odd game and lot of the team seemed a little bit off their game.

Even though we didn't get "mercy ruled" the game was still ended by the umpire after the fifth inning due to another game scheduled on our field just an hour after ours began. We all agreed that our comeback was inevitable if we only had a couple more innings.
We chalked the performance up to early season jitters and went down to 81st street for the pitchers and beer special at McAleer's. Since it was a Monday game, we didn't stay too late but a couple games on McAleer's new Buckhunter game did ensue.

The season schedule isn't official yet (even though we're in the second week!) but it looks our next game will be Wednesday, April 30th at 5:30pm against EBG Bees.

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