Monday, April 27, 2009

Oxford Blues: 0, EBG Bees: 12

The Blues began the 2009 season on a deceptively cool Friday evening in Thomas Jefferson Park, where they faced off against one of the best batting orders in the league. A number of fans turned up to show their support, and although a victory wasn't in the offing this time, strong defense and a determination to go seven innings kept spirits high until the game's conclusion. Said resolve can be seen on the face of one Mr. Sears above, as well as the mugs of several other veterans in Jared's photo set. Afterwards, most of the team trekked down to Brady's on 82nd and Second Avenue for pizza and cheap beer.

Andy in left field, Brian in left center, and Iain in right center, valiantly held most of the Bees to singles and doubles, and in a particularly impressive team effort, the Blues handed their formidable opponents two scoreless innings. Unfortunately the field was unforgiving and their lineup was too deep to stymie completely. Joe C managed a couple of miraculous scoops nonetheless, and Robert on the mound (wearing eye black, or "mancara" I might add) wasn't about to let anyone take a base without collecting a strike or two along the way. Having tested themselves against an infield that apparently included Usain Bolt at shortstop, the Blues will look to score their first runs this week in Central Park.

Our first choice bar, Ship of Fools, was lousy with Yankee fans, but Brady's across the street had affordable pitchers and Big Buck Hunter. Needless to say, happiness prevailed on what could have otherwise been a somewhat disappointing opener. The dedicated few who lingered past midnight should be sufficiently prepared for whatever Thursday night has in store. Those who turned in early had better hope Ozzi brings the Big League Chew next time.


Brian Hurley said...

Ben, a couple of questions. Why does Usain Bolt need his own web site? Why does everything on his web site relate to a span of like 3seconds in which he ran the only newsworthy races of his career? And why, if he's going to build a web site in the first place, is it taking him longer than 8 months to get it up and running? (Pun not intended, but I'll take it.)

BK said...

Valid questions, all, Mr. Hurley. I'm afraid my realms of expertise do not include Jamaican Olympians, sports PR, or web site construction.

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