Friday, March 30, 2007

First Practice!

The long wait is over!

We had our first practice of the 2007 Oxford Blues softball season last night, at the traditional "spring training field" in Central Park at 97th Street(Okay, so it's more of a random dirt patch on the east side, but who's counting?). A good mix of new and old players were on hand to take batting practice, fielding, and witness the unveiling of Jared Wright's God-given talent at first base. And afterwards we retired to Blondie's on the East Side to discuss our favorite Al Pacino movie roles, another long-standing Blues tradition.

Let the 2007 season begin! We're winning the whole thing!


J-tine said...

Sorry I missed it, couldn't leave work until 6:30, and then I had to go get stinking dunk.

Albert said...

Sorry I missed it! but I am a fragile old man now, and my brittle bones couldn't take the cold. I'm lookin' forward to next time though.

BTW - Bar none the best Al Pacino performance is the Godfather Part II. But my personal favorite is Carlito's Way... "Here come da pain!!"