Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to the Astoria Sports Complex!

A group of 14 Blues maneuvered their way through a seedy parking garage last night to take some batting practice at the Astoria Sports Complex. The batting cage was great and although it liked to pitch the balls low and outside, it pitched them rapidly so everyone got a little workout. Many of the new Blues showed up and swung the bat well. Michelle Lipinksi put on a clinic and may have to be appointed to the newly created position of official team hitting coach.

After the cages we roamed the streets of Astoria, begrudgingly passing up an Applebee's, until we stumbled upon the Cup Diner and Bar. It was definitely more of a Diner than Bar but they accommodated us by serving crisp Sierra Nevada in large metal water pitchers. It was a fun time and we shared softball memories, places of birth, and favorite romantic comedy movies. Joe Jackson in particular dazzled everyone with knowledge of his hometown Austin, TX. Apparently it is where Dazed and Confused was filmed, Owen and Luke Wilson grew up, and it's a city with more culture than Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston combined. He also fiercely proclaimed his fondness for the movie Love Actually.

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JoeJackson said...

Hah. I was tricked.