Monday, July 13, 2009

Blues Improve Record, Locate Bluesmoblie

Locating it took much longer than expected, but after weeks of searching in earnest, the vehicle that could become the Bluesmobile was spotted on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It will likely take a fair amount of work to convert the "Jingle Benz" into a suitable team shuttle, but with a list price of $1,500 (including a free pizza), even slumping ticket sales at the North Meadow ballpark shouldn't deter management from making the right call.

In other news, the Blues were handed their second victory of the 2009 season when the CP Lions forfeited at the last minute on the first of the month. Never a team to rest on their laurels, the Blues decided to make the most of the weather and an available field, beginning with batting practice, and later, a full-team scrimmage. Unfortunately, the Evil Blues prevailed.


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