Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Oxford Blues Beat Watchtell Raiders, 9-4

Game 7: Oxford Blues 9, Watchthell Raiders 4
Thomas Jefferson Field
July 28, 2014

The Blues scored three runs in the first inning and never looked back as Zach Haynes won his second start of the season, leading the Blues to defeat the Raiders by the score of 9-4. The Blues are now 5-2 and another visit to the playoffs looks promising.   Max Sinsheimer homered (again) and Dave, Julie, and even I contributed offense.   Zach arrived to the game without shoes, but quickly ran down the street, and returned with Fila's he purchased for $25.

"There's a place selling shoes in any five block radius in NYC," Haynes said. "I'll also be able to use these playing basketball."

After the game, the Blues gathered at the bar to celebrate the victory and admire the tote bag that Soho Press made for Coach Repino's novel that will be published in January.

"I will use this bag to pick up my fresh produce from the CSA," Tim said.

Blake SS  VINE
Tim LF
Zach P
Dave 3B
Julie RC
Jeremy RF
Sara 1B
Jessica 2B
Jenny C
Rob EH

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