Monday, June 4, 2007

Blues 21, Tulane Green Machine 20

With a dramatic three run rally in the bottom of the seventh, the Oxford Blues beat the Tulane Green Machine 21-20, improving to 2-2. Facing the Tulane alumni association's lineup of power hitters was no easy task, but the Blues relied on their trademark defense and responded with a newly-awakened offense, scoring a franchise record 21 runs.

The game was a nail-biter from start to finish, with both teams batting around around multiple times in the early innings. When Tulane jumped out to an unanswered 20-12 lead late in the game, things seemed a little grim for the Blues. On-field tensions hit their peak after a Tulane baserunner interfered with a double-play attempt, leading Captain Kyle Taylor to charge in all the way from centerfield to argue the non-call. On the Tulane bench, a call could be heard to slide "spikes up" in the future.

Still the Blues rallied again, only trailing by two as the game pushed into the seventh inning. Shortstop Dan "the Wizard" Ozzi and Taylor tied the game on third baseman Ken Foye's double. With one out, and the theme from "The Natural" playing, outfielder Andy Fargnoli hit a flair that fell in for a hit as the Tulane infield collided with one another, scoring Ken easily and winning the Blues the game. Pitcher Robert "the Rocket" Repino was given the game ball not just for pitching defense, but also for setting the tone for the offense from the leadoff spot. But it was a true team effort, with hits and RBIs up and down the lineup.

After the game, the Blues retired to McAleer's for beer and wings to watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox.


K.T. said...

That picture is priceless. What a play.

Dan said...

Finally, the winningest team walks away unvenraged.