Friday, June 13, 2008

IBI Swingers: 9, Oxford Blues: 7

The Oxford Blues followed up Game 4's close outcome with even more of a nailbiter on Thursday night. In fact, not only did the Blues play their first complete seven inning game of the season, but they also ended up going into their first extra innings game in franchise history. In the end, the Blues walked away with a 9-7 defeat but their heads were high due to a great performance, especially under pressure.

IBI jumped out to a three run lead in the top of the first but the Blues came right back in the bottom half of the inning to tie it up on a three run homer from Ned "The St. Louis Swatter" Sears. After that, Rob Repino (aka The Rocket aka Roba Chamberlain) took over and limited the Swingers to only six more runs over the next seven innings. His pitching mojo was getting it done and he finished with 4 (or 5) strikeouts. He also came up with two clutch RBI hits on his way to earning the honorary game ball. The Swingers scored two runs in the top of the eighth inning which proved to be the difference maker but the Blues have come a long way and are without a doubt on the verge of a victory.

As a team, the Blues played strong defense all over the field. Some memorable moments include:

Ben's catches with the sun in his eyes in right center field. He also sacrificed his knees again for the team which is becoming a motivational habit at Dewitt Clinton.

-Brian Hurley's catch on a deep fly ball to foul territory.

-Michelle's quick stops and solid glove at second base.

. . . and one of my favorites . . .

-On an errant throw to first base, the opposing runner made the turn to second to try for the extra base. Kate Brown ran to the fence to get the ball and got back to first base to tag the runner out. Heads up play and great hustle.
As if that wasn't enough, the team made their way to the Bull Moose Saloon once again for some wings and unforgettable karaoke. The medical and law marketing departments made an appearance and added to the ruckus. Also, my girlfriend's family from Germany attended to make it an international affair. Here are just a few of the hits that rang through Hell's Kitchen Thursday night. You guess the OUP performers.

ACDC - "Shook Me All Night Long"
Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean"
No Doubt - "Spiderwebs"
Gwen Stefani - "Let Me Blow Your Mind"
Neil Diamond - "Sweet Caroline"
Nena - "99 Red Balloons"
Dr. Dre - "Nuthin But a G Thang"

Finally, here are the photos:

Pictures from Steph's family

Pictures from Michelle Lipinski (and other random people who used her camera)

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