Thursday, June 19, 2008

SG Bank: 10, Oxford Blues: 2

The Blues were more successful at having a good time at Jake's Dilemma last night than they were at home plate. That's not to say that the Blues were bad. The last two games have just raised the bar of expectations so that now the team will settle for nothing less than victory.

Even though we took a loss, it was apparent just how far our team has come in the last month. It was only three games ago that we were beat 30 to 8 in three and a half innings on the same field in the North Meadow. At that point we would have loved to keep the score close for a full seven inning game. Last night, we did just that but were still dissapointed. This could mark a real turning point for the team. No longer out to just keep the score close, we want a win! Monday will be a great opportunity for that win as we square off against Scripps, a team with only two wins since the beginning of last season.

As for our hitting, it was obvious that the Blues meakness at the plate had more to do with the opposing pitcher than any team slump. Other than Dan "Wizard of" Ozzi, who had a homerun and a single, the team was kept off balance by the SG pitcher's ability to mix up the speed of his pitches. We were also missing some extra thump in the lineup usually afforded by Ned and Joe C. *Injury Update* Joe C is hoping to come off of the DL in time for our game on July 2nd.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Blues put on a good performance. Rob was able to entice a ton of fly balls from SG Bank's mammoth hitters. While Brian Hurley again played a great left field and was able to track them down.

For some great pictures from the game and post game activities, click the photo above. Blues fan Tim Sachs even makes a cameo.

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