Monday, July 21, 2008

CSTV Slammers: 13, Oxford Blues: 0

The CSTV Slammers won our 13 team division last season for a reason. Their methodical line drive base hits up the middle were unstoppable and put them out to a quick lead. On the other side, the Blues were in a funk and failed to get a runner past second base during the entire shortened five inning game.

However, the quick finish gave the Blues enough time to have a team scrimmage (Iron Unicorns vs. Evil Blues) and prepare for tonight's (Monday) final game of the season against Coach on North Meadow field #8 at 5:30. Coach is 3-7-1 on the season so they are much closer to our competition level and it should be a close game.

There aren't any pictures from the game this week, possibly a blessing, so click on the photo above for Michelle's pics from the more important part of the night.

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