Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Translate This: 17, Oxford Blues: 10

Tuesday evening's game started out well once again for the Blues. However, once Translate This got warmed up they showed why they are the fifth place team in the league by belting out Ruthian home runs. Oxford was solid, yet a little out matched, on offense and defense.

However, the Blues (motivated by Joe "What Bag?" Jackson's awesome blue kicks with blue laces) ran the bases better than their opponents. Even though we were aggressive on the base paths it was under control and I don't believe anyone was thrown out while going for an extra base. Translate This was not so much under control. They were thrown out at least twice while being greedy. Once, on the end of a double play that started with a leaping catch in center field by Kyle "KT" Taylor.

Our next two games are on back-to-back workdays, this Friday and Monday. We hope to see you all there for the furious end of the season. Thanks goes out to Michelle for taking these photos of the game.

We went down to the village after the game to enjoy some cold beers and watch mixed martial arts and the MLB All-Star game at the Slaughtered Lamb. While sitting next to this life-size rotating werewolf display, we discussed awful tooth-related stories and sleazy college friends.

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Robert said...

Just to be clear, my sleazy friends did not finish college. A common joke for one of them is to remind him that college was "the best four months of his life."