Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blues: 19, Columbia Kings: 17

There were times when a win didn't look likely, but patience at bat and determination on the field ultimately propelled the Blues ahead of the Kings last Thursday night in Central Park. Much like last season's win, this victory was another team effort with steady base hits that led to 8 runs in the second inning and 10 more in the third. Ozzi's final home run kept Columbia at bay until the umpire called the game (in Oxford's favor) just before 7p.m.

Andy distinguished himself at the plate and in left field, earning the first Game Ball of 2009, but again, everyone contributed to a contest that resulted in the second highest score put up by the Blues in franchise history. Dayne, Joe J. and Elyse all did their best in spite of extremely poor visibility in right field, Joe C. argued with the ump,
making sure all of our runs were counted, and somehow, the first baseman didn't drop a pop fly that would be the game's final out. Jared (and Tessa) arrived somewhat late but snapped quite a few nice photos as did Ebin and Abigail using my camera.

Deciding to reward themselves with the hospitality of the Bull Moose Saloon, the Blues arrived to discover that karaoke has been moved to Wednesday nights. They managed to calm down with several pitchers of draft beer.

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