Monday, June 22, 2009

Pirates: 7, Blues: 3

Fortunately for the Blues, June's wet weather finally took a night off last Tuesday. Unfortunately, the Pirates came to play, defeating an Oxford team that fought hard, but ultimately lost after seven innings on North Meadow's Field Seven. Both sides scored one run in the first inning, but the team in gray slowly pulled away by adding more points in the third, fourth, and fifth.

On the heels of an extremely tough loss the week before, the Blues showed real signs of improvement on defense, and yet their bats never quite came alive. Once again, Elyse demonstrated her speed and agility in right center, while both Ozzi and Andy made big catches deep in left field, preventing the Pirates from doing more damage than they surely wanted to at the plate.

After their defeat, the Blues passed on the chance for a scuffle, heading instead to Jake's to celebrate a birthday and replenish lost calories. In a nod to tradition, they indulged in Buck Hunter, multiple beer pong matches, at least three orders of wings, and two rounds of shots for a coach who hadn't planned to begin celebrating so early in the week. Photo evidence of the evening's highlights both on and off the field can be viewed here.


Brian Hurley said...

But at some point there WILL be a scuffle, right?

Tan Tan said...

Well, if we keep playing beer "bong", there'll certainly be something at some point.

Benjamin Keene said...

For the record, I never claimed I could spell on Mondays... also, I'd rather win a game than a fight.