Monday, June 15, 2009

Diller's Killers: 22, Blues: 0

In June of 1874, the Brooklyn Mutuals, one of eight original teams in the National League, defeated the Chicago White Stockings 38-1. Chicago managed to accumulate 2 hits and 36 errors before the game ended.

Last Thursday night, in a manner not unlike that of the nineteenth century White Stockings, the Blues fell to Diller's Killers on the new, "state-of-the-art" DeWitt Clinton ballfield. Mercifully, the rain that had threatened all afternoon held off for four innings—just long enough for IAC to mercy Oxford.

Three weeks off and wet conditions did not help the Blues, who had hoped to improve their record against an old rival. They struggled on the synthetic turf, allowing the Killers to punch holes in their defense while failing to score once, in spite of putting up 19 runs against the Kings in late May. Highlights were unfortunately few, but Joe C. played like a MVP at third, and Elyse, hot off the bench, made a remarkable catch on the run in right center.

The burger and beer special on 44th Street managed to lift spirits after a tough loss, and many of those who lingered at the Bull Moose soon began looking ahead to the next game. Others found solace cheering the Red Sox to victory over New York, playing pool, obsessing about Zach Galifianakis, or consuming copious quantities of hot wings. You know who you are.

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