Monday, August 10, 2009

Blues: 7, Doft Punk: 11

Chasing a dream, the Blues stumbled on their way to an improved record in their tenth game of the season, ultimately falling to Doft Punk after seven innings. At times Oxford did show some real tenacity on the North Meadow, but three scoreless turns at the plate kept them from catching up with their opponents, who quickly took the lead with nine runs in the first two innings.

To make matters worse, Jake's was closed for renovations, forcing the Blues to shake off their loss with beer pong and wings at the nearby Gin Mill. A couple of rainouts have extended the season until the week of the banquet, but will they be able to dust themselves off and finish 2009 on a high note? Ponder this while perusing Rae's photos from that night in mid-July.

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