Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blues: 9, IBI Destroyers: 8

Four double plays. After a hard-fought season that very well could've ended in a playoff berth, the Blues finished with a win. And yes, four double plays.

Matched against a team with a better record, the Blues looked strong as they took the field, in spite of the fact that they would be closing out 2009 at a place that had thwarted their aspirations on past occasions. Fortunately, it was a different story on the 18th of August this year. Three innings of solid hitting and smart baserunning were complemented by excellent defense that held the Destroyers née Swingers scoreless during their final at bat.

Ned at shortstop, Joe C. at third, and Robert on the mound kept their heads in the game, each contributing to the aforementioned double plays at first. Meanwhile, Brian, Andy, as well as Ozzi made some big catches in left, while Rachael, Ninell, Martin, and Joe J. quickly got the ball from right field to Michelle at second, keeping their opponents to singles. Inspired by a man with "the least marketable skill in America," Oxford also looked good at the plate, scoring five runs in the third to establish a lead they wouldn't give up.

Although KT missed the chance to celebrate with his former teammates at the Bull Moose Saloon that night, he would do them proud three days later by ordering a gin and tonic at approximately 3am. Details from that outing including pictures, awards, and some final thoughts on statistics will appear in this space very soon. In the meantime, ponder the coincidence of this tag, spotted by Tanya in Midtown Manhattan on a rainy summer evening.


Claudia D. said...

Hello Blues!

Congrats on your season! So sorry I missed all your games, but I've been busy incubating the next generation of occasional Oxford Blues fan, an effort requiring extravagant chocolate pudding intake and frequent elevation of the ankles. These are activities compatible with neither Bull McCabe's nor the dugout, but I'm so happy for you and it seems clear you had a blast. Hope to catch your glory again in approximately 18 years and three months, or next season if I haven't had to move to western Pennsylvania to afford motherhood.

All my best,
Claudia D.

Anonymous said...

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Benjamin Keene said...

Thanks for reading! Season six begins in less than two months...