Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oxford Blues Dealt First Loss

Game 3: Finra Enforcers 8, Oxford Blues 2
June 24, 2013

The Oxford Blues (2-1) were unable to overcome a first inning grand slam and fell to the Finra Enforcers by the score of 8-2. Both Oxford Blues runs were scored by Max Richman solo shots. John Louth and Elyse Turr had the only other hits for the Oxford Blues.

"If you get on base in softball," Josh Landon said, "That's a hit."

"Guys," Tim Allen said. "My wife will be here later - please no one embarrass me. Can I smear some of that black shit under my eyes?"

"You got it Tim."  Coach Repino said.  "Where are Max, Dave, and Jenny?"

"They're installing my standing desk," Zack said. "I got the okay from Terry, then gave them each $20 and a pile of cinder blocks."

"They're doing WHAT???! Tito is starting for the Enforcers and we're missing out some of our best hitters??!"

Indeed, Tito stymied the Blues and the Enforcers provided enough offense for the win. Tim Allen caught a long fly ball in the final inning.   Taylor Pilkington, making his season debut, was robbed of a home run in the first inning.


Rob P 0/3
Sarah EH/1B 0/3
Zach LF 0/3
Taylor 3B
Max SS 2/2 2 HR's
Jeremy RC/EH 0/3
Miles LC/EH 0/3
Josh EH/2B 0/3
Tim EH/LC 0/3
Erin 1B/EH 0/3
Blake 2B/EH 0/3
Chris EH/RC 0/3
Adrienne C
John 1/3
Elyse RF  1/3

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