Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oxford Blues Win Game 2, 13-6

Game 2: Oxford Blues 13, Net@Work/DocTrend 6
Central Park / Great Lawn
June 19, 2013
The Oxford Blues (2-0) won the second game of the season by the score of 13-6 behind the strong pitching and hitting of Zach Haynes who hit a towering triple in the fifth inning. Haynes, who works on the 8th floor, confessed before the game to opening negotiations on acquiring a standing desk, and there was some question whether you would go to your supervisor or Terry Dickerson for such a request.

"I don't have any fucking idea on that one," said Dave D'Addona, who also had a triple and three RBI's and made a diving catch for an out late in the game.  He wore Coach Rob Repino's hat for the duration of the game.  Repino, who was dressed like Jim Leyland wearing black pants, did not play at all.

"I'm telling you," Repino said, "You don't need a standing desk, just get one of those balls like I have in my cube. My core is engaged 8 hours a day."

Max Richman made his Oxford Blues debut and it was evident that he had familiarity with a baseball diamond, as he went 2/2, with 2 RBI's, and successfully threw the ball all the way from third to first for an out on several occasions.

"Jeans, you better watch out," Repino said. "Richman might be the rookie of the year."

"If LeBron wears his head band in Game 7," Landon said. "I will wear my jeans again….!"


Max LF 1/3  2 runs scored
Sarah 2B 0/3
Dave SS 3/3  1 runs scored, 3 RBI's
Zack H  P 3/3, 2 RBI's
Max  3B 2/2, 1 run scored, 2 RBI's
Jeremy  RC/EH  1/3, 1 RBI
Blake 3B/EH 2/3
Josh RF/EH 0/3
Tim 1B/EH 1/2
Erin 1B/EH 0/2
Miles LC 0/2
Chris EH/RC 1/3
Jenny C 1/3  1 RBI
Elyse EH/RF 1/2  1 run scored

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K.T. said...

It's great to see the Blues again. Thanks for reviving the blog Jeremy. Go Blues!