Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oxford Wins Game 1, 16-4

Game 1: Oxford Blues 16, Shem 4
Randall's Island
June 11, 2013

The Oxford Blues (1-0) won the first game of the season by the score of 16-4. It was A) raining, played on a field on Randall's Island which was B) difficult to find, and then C) difficult to leave.

As we were standing at the bus stop going on 45 minutes, Elyse Turr noticed a map that indicated there was a psychiatric hospital nearby.

"Imagine visiting every psychiatric hospital within a 50 miles radius," I said breathlessly.

"I'd rather go on the Girls tour of Brooklyn," Elyse said. "Or the Stark tour of Westeros. No offense!"

Josh Landon, who arrived to the game wearing jeans, went 2/2, with two runs scored, and 1RBI.

"Good job, Jeans," Coach Repino said. "You might be the rookie of year on the softball field just like you were in higher ed."

"I don't work in higher ed, Rob."

"Oh that's right, Max Sinsheimer is in higher ed."

"I'm not in higher ed either, Rob. I work around the corner from you."

"Guys. Listen. I don't have time to keep track of where you work. We're playing softball here."

Notable offensive performances included Sarah McNamara who went 2/2 with 2 runs scored. Blake Ratcliffe made a diving stop at 3rd and then threw out a runner, so he was awarded the game ball.

Rob 1/1 2R, 1 RBI
Sarah 2/2 2R
Dave 1/1, 2R
Max 0/2, 2R
Blake 1/2, 2R
Miles 1/2, 3R
Josh 2/2, 2R, 1 RBI
Tim 1/2, 1R
Jeremy 1/2, 1R
Jenny  0/2
Elyse 0/2

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